Home Purchases & Refinances

Ossipee Lake Mortgage can assist you from start to finish in the process of buying your new home. We will Pre-Approve you so that you can search for your new home with confidence. Your Real Estate Agent also knows you are qualified and ready to go. This is a step ahead of other buyers in the competition to make an offer and secure the home of your choice. We also expedite the refinance process, call us for your rate. If you are looking for fast, professional, local mortgage assistance then Ossipee Lake Mortgage can help! We Offer:

  • The most competitive interest rates
  • Mortgage Solutions - Multiple Lending Programs
  • Assistance during the real estate buying and selling process
  • Personal credit report assistance 

Loan Products & Programs

We use the following products to help you Refinance or Purchase your new home, give us a call for more information:

  • Conventional Home Loans (As little as 5% down)
  • Fannie Mae 
  • Freddie Mac
  • USDA Loans (100% Financing)
  • FHA Loans (3.5% Down)
  • VA Loans
  • 2 - 4 Unit Apartments


Ossipee Lake Mortgage is Located in Waterboro, ME next to Little Ossipee Lake. Established in 2006, Ossipee Lake Mortgage has been serving the local communities of South Western Maine towns surrounding Waterboro. Give us a call at (207) 247-2200 to set up an appointment, or E-mail

We look forward to helping you get your new home or saving you money every month on your mortgage after refinancing to a lower rate!


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